Ash Patil writes...

Looking forward….

Almost a year ago with the endorsement of TRMS’s members, five of my friends and myself took on the challenge of running of the Society which, at the time, was in imminent danger of a permanent closure.

It is now time to take stock and review where we are.

My commitment to the music lovers of Rickmansworth at the time was for one year to have an opportunity to demonstrate how we could rescue the Society and put it on a sustainable footing. With the help from my colleagues on the committee, their sheer determination and tenacity and the teamwork coupled with enormous unbroken support from you, the TRMS’s members, I think you will agree with me that we have seen through the last one year successfully.

In the course of this one year, we were able to organise 9 concerts with 2 still to go during July. For the first time, TRMS has introduced a Jazz concert and in July we will have the very first Indian classical music concert. We have a healthy cash balance to tide us over the next year even not taking into account the income from the new concerts during the 2017/2018 season. We were able to retain most of the previous membership though the challenge of extending this to include more people from nearby towns especially Chorleywood and Croxley Green and to appeal to younger people still remains. Also whereas most other music societies have put up the charges to around a £ 20 mark, we have retained the price level at around the £ 15 mark with a further intention to simplify the price-plan for the new season.

Two of additional challenges remain – one - to maintain the in-house Schiedmayer piano always in pristine condition fit to be used by the world-class pianists we invite from time to time and two – to organise more lunchtime concerts with the main aim to encourage local young aspiring musicians. Plans are in place to achieve this through close liaison with the Purcell School of Music and associations with local schools such as St Clement Danes.

David Clark, a longstanding committee member and a trustee of the Society, has decided to resign from TRMS although he assures me that his wife Sue and him will continue to help and support the Society the same way as they both have always done. TRMS is grateful to David for his contribution and to his wife Sue for all the support over the years.

I am optimistic about the future of TRMS, I hope you are too.


Draft Minutes of the AGM 2016 held on 7th December at the Baptist Church, Rickmansworth.

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